Irregardless of the kind of business you own the one thing all businesses have in common is the need to secure their premises. With burglaries on the rise in the UK it has never been more imperative for your business to not only have the adequate security inside but also on the outside of the building.


Roller shutters are fast becoming the most popular form of security equipment used, so here at Sheridan Doors we decided to compile a list of reasons your business would benefit from shutter rollers.


  1. Security

Installing a roller shutter will ensure your building is secure and unauthorised individuals cannot gain access into the premises. Installing a shutter ensures that the buildings contents are secure and your goods are kept safe at all times so you can leave for the weekend with peace of mind.


  1. Deterrent

Roller shutters act as an immovable force in the face of someone attempting to access your premises, combining the security features of a roller shutter into your existing security plan will ensure that your building remains secure and gives a clear message to anyone who may attempt to access the building.


  1. Protection against Mother Nature

Not only will roller shutters protect your business from vandalism and criminals, they also provide your building with protection from the elements. High winds and storms can often result in broken glass in doors and windows of the premises and this can become very costly very quickly. Installing Roller shutters is an effective solution to this problem. By installing a roller shutter, you are putting up a barrier between the outside world and the building itself thus ensuring that any glazed units are covered and remain intact.


If you’re in need of extra security for your business or would like to discuss how roller shutters can help you then give us a call on 0161 2036299 and an expert member of our team will be on hand to help.