Here at Sheridan Doors, we offer a wide range of products and services that are all designed to improve the security of your commercial or residential premises. Amongst these excellent products is our range of fire doors, which are absolutely essential for any business that prides itself on the safety of its employees, customers and products.

Fire doors are vital towards preventing any fire or smoke spreading throughout your premises and causing irreparable damage, and also come with a whole range of other benefits that can have a positive impact on your company. Luckily, we’re here at Sheridan Doors to run you through some of the main benefits that come from installing our fire doors, so that you know exactly why they are so important.

  • Our fire doors are designed in such a way so as to not only prevent the spread of any fire or smoke, but to also improve your security from any potential burglars. The design of the frames means that our fire doors can prevent an attack with a crow bar or a similar weapon, meaning that you can sleep that little bit easier knowing that nobody is going to break inside.
  • The fire doors that we provide also include an internal hinge chassis, meaning that the hinges are made stronger and more durable- and it’s important to note that this feature is unavailable from any other fire door provider.
  • Our fire doors all come in resistant zinc coated steel, which helps to prevent the spread of fire and therefore reducing the risk of any serious damage. A fire is a nightmare scenario to find yourself in, and so it’s important that you have installed efficient doors that can help keep damage to a minimum.
  • Perhaps the biggest reason you should invest in some fire doors is the fact that it will be ensuring the safety of your customers and staff. Of course, losing some stock or hardware isn’t something that any business owner wants, but fire doors ultimately help to prevent a real disaster from occurring.

Here at Sheridan Doors, we offer the best fire doors and commercial door systems in Manchester, and please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team for any further info on the services that we provide.