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Smoke and Fire Curtains

At Sheridan Doors, we are the leading provider of high quality fire curtains and pride ourselves on the level of protection that we are able to provide. Our fire curtains have been responsible for saving countless properties, lives and stock as they help to keep fire at bay, and you should certainly take a look at our range if you take the safety of your business seriously.

All of our smoke and fire curtains are custom-made so that they are completely suited to your premises. No matter what your application, Sheridan Doors are able to provide a selection of high quality fire curtains that will complement the aesthetics of your building whilst also keeping you well-protected.

Our smoke curtains are of a superior strength and durability to those offered by similar businesses, as well as having unrivalled levels of heat resistance.

We also provide fire curtains made with thicker gauge materials and an all steel component construction. These are designed for industrial use, and are linked up to an alarm system so that they automatically activate in the event of a fire, meaning that any damage caused by the fire would be kept to a minimum.

If you require any further information in regards to the smoke and fire curtains offered by Sheridan Doors, then please feel free to get in touch.


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