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Steel Hinged Doors

Sheridan Doors provide a range of steel hinged doors which are all designed to keep your premises secure. Our steel doors are incredibly customisable- allowing customers to choose between the different panels, extras and louvres so that they can get a door specifically designed for their application. The doors can be used in either a commercial or domestic setting, as the customisable options mean that we can install steel doors at any property.

Our selection of different doors, sizes and options is absolutely second-to-none, as each are specially designed for each specific customer. We provide steel doors that cannot be beaten in terms of strength, durability and ease of installation, and they are an absolute-must for any business owner wanting to improve the security of their premises.

Due to the vast range of customisable options available with our steel hinged doors, we recommend speaking to one of our experts to ensure that you purchase a product you are happy with.


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